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Your Intrinsic Health  

You want to feel better….
The team of professionals at Dr. Smith and Associates can help!Our Philosophy
We individualize your care, working one-on-one with you to create a program that works – no one size fits all.  You shouldn’t have to muscle through with willpower.  We don’t believe in masking symptoms.  We do believe in helping you achieve optimal health through energy work, nutrition and diet improvements, habit changes, movement, stress reduction and sleep improvement.  Ultimately, you must maintain the delicate instrument that is your body.
Innate, Inherent, Inborn
Your Intrinsic Health is something you were born with, given to you at conception, passed down to you from all your ancestors.  Every living thing has to have some ability to repair itself, to bounce back from any injury or trauma that might befall it. Every cell in your body has repair mechanisms.  Cells can recover or other cells can divide to replace it.  Your survival depends on the accumulated effort of each and every cell.
You can repair
Up to a point, you repair and you are not even consciously aware that there was a problem.  When that line is crossed, you become acutely aware.  Pain, illness, disease (dis-ease is not being at ease!) occurs.  Have you ever stubbed your toe and been aware of the suffering that results from individual cells screaming for help? If a situation is overwhelming or something gets blocked from repairing, illness, injury, or ultimately death can occur.  If you are reading this, it’s a safe bet that death has not occurred yet, so there is still time!
Our team of professionals are trained to jumpstart your healing.  We can help rescue you, resuscitate those Intrinsic Healing techniques your body already knows how to do!  We work individually at first, but will consult and work as a team when necessary to decrease pain of any source, increase health intrinsically and bring you closer to the perfect, vibrant, vivacious person of your youth that you were meant to be.
Overcome aging and injury
Your Intrinsic Health is your birthright.  It is your duty and obligation as a human to be the best that you can be.  You have things to do – get suffering back in its place, out of your way, so you can proceed with your life’s work.  Living requires your full involvement!
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